Revenge Spells Using Picture

Revenge Spells Using Picture:- Revenge spells using images, where there are humans there are human tendencies. Allah has provided enough for each individual. However, humans give in to greed and often want more than they deserve.

Revenge Spells Using Picture

In doing so, they take what belongs to another. This is the root cause of enmity between two people. And with humans, hate and enmity last longer than love and forgiveness. The previous lover can use love binding spells to regain love.

You may not have wanted an enemy, but still have more than you can handle. If this is the case, keep your faith in Allah, because he is watching every soul.

He knows if you are on the right path and will always support you. Allah always protects those who come to him. He will stand between you and your enemies and they will have to face the wrath of Allah. Allah has given us ways to protect ourselves from our enemies. You can use this to cast a revenge spell using images about your enemies. Allah never advises him to commit a sin, even if it is for his defense.

When you face enemies with bad intentions, Allah wants you to keep your faith in him and allow him to handle the enemies for you. Because he is above sin, forgiveness and revenge. What Allah offers is always fair and just. Therefore, he has delivered this amal using which, you can cast revenge spells using photos of your enemies.

Revenge Spells Using Picture

For the revenge spells of the images to work, you must be a devout Namaazi, so that Allah will put you on your side. 5 times daily prayer is a way to please Allah. In addition to this, you must strive to never make a mistake with another individual.

Despite this, if there is someone who wants to destroy you, let Allah take care of that. All you have to do is perform the revenge spells. This will make Allah know of your intentions and, consequently, Allah will eliminate your enemies before they can harm you. Try the revenge spells and protect yourself and your family.


For these powerful image revenge spells, you will need a photo of your enemy. Keep the photo of your enemy in front of you, while reciting the wazifa shown below. Perform the following ritual for 30 days, to cast revenge spells with images of your enemies.

First do it correctly, before beginning the ritual for revenge spells using images

Then recite Darood Shareef, 8 times.

Now recite 2 RakaatNafilnamaaz


When you are reciting the first Rakaat, sing Surah AlamNashrah, after singing Surah Fateh

And in the second Rakaat, you must sing Surah Al Fil, just after singing Surah Fateh. Then while you read Nafil

Namaaz, look at the image of your enemy to cast revenge spells using images

As you complete the Namaaz, beg Allah to make your enemy sick.


Recite the following wazifa whenever you can, using the image of your enemies. While you sing the following, hit the photos of your enemies to cast revenge spells using images



SaallaaLLaaHU ‘

“Surah Ikhlas”

It is considered the most effective dua to take revenge on your enemies. You must sing the dua, mentioned below, in the days of Tul’u Se Qabl and Jumma, after you have performed the Fajr namaaz.

Do the following ritual to spoil the evil plots against you, your enemies and to cast revenge spells using images of your enemies.

After waking up in the morning, clean yourself doing wuzu

Then get ready for the namaaz.

Take a pen and write your enemy’s name. Also, keep the image of your enemy with you.

Awwal Durood Shareef 121 times.

Surah Ikhlaas 111 times

Durood Shareef again 51 times.

Now, write 101; “Ilaahibabarkat seen kalaampaakkeinmemuwafiqatkar”.

Now, as you sing, air blows on that paper and the image.

Then rinse that paper in water. If you can, serve this water to your enemy.

This will ruin all the schemes of your enemy, planned against you.

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